Free Instagram Story Background Templates For Any App

Want on-brand and professional looking Instagram Story templates – minus the designer price tag? You’re not alone. Luckily, we’ve created these free Instagram Story background templates to help you create stand-out Stories in seconds!
Learn how to use Instagram Story Background Templates 👇

What are Instagram Stories Templates (and should I care about the background design?)

The Instagram app has very few design options for your Stories, making it hard for anyone wanting to rise above the pack.

This is where Instagram Story templates come in handy though! They're pre-made editable designs featuring graphics, text, GIFS, or animations that allow you to create on-brand Instagram Stories with ease.

They’re extremely popular among brands, marketers, bloggers, and influencers due to their quick and easy customization. After all, Stories only remain visible for 24 hours, so they’re not something you want to spend a ton of time creating!

Instagram Story background templates should be a part of every user’s Instagram strategy, as they’re the secret to scroll-stopping Stories. They create recognizable Instagram branding for your business, save you major time and energy, and leave a lasting first impression that boosts your brand.

How Can I Use Backgrounds to Make Instagram Story Templates that Stand Out?

The key to Instagram Story template success lies in your Instagram Story background. You want it to capture a viewer’s attention, remain cohesive with your branding, and be versatile enough to use across multiple Story formats.

Aesthetic Instagram Story Background Templates

If you’re all about those #AestheticVibes, then a modern and trendy Instagram background is for you. They're perfect to overlay with your own photography or videos, as they provide a captivating high-quality backdrop to your visual content.
Download the Aesthetic Story Template Pack

Blank Instagram Story Template

Whether it’s a This or That, Fill in the Blanks, or Quote of the Day Story – a pre-designed blank Instagram background image is perfect for helping your followers get to know you better!
Download the Blank Story Template Pack

Fun Instagram Story Templates

There’s nothing quite like bright colors, eye-catching patterns, and fun graphics to capture your followers’ attention. Use these as a background to your polls, quizzes, or black and white photos or videos to really make them pop!
Download the Fun Story Template Pack

Minimalist Instagram Story Background

With their monochromatic color scheme and clean layout, minimalist Instagram backgrounds suit a wide range of Story formats. Use them for your customer testimonials, short narratives, tutorials, BTS videos, promos and more!
Download the Minimalist Story Template Pack

Cute Instagram backgrounds

With quirky and colorful motifs and shapes, a cute Instagram Story background instantly captures your viewer’s attention. They’re great for overlaying with text, such as your favorite quote, stickers, or to provide a backdrop to your social media portraits and OOTD fashion Instagram stories.
Download the Cute Story Template Pack

Black Instagram Story background

A black background is just the thing to make your Story stand out from the rest. Overlay it with light-colored text or use it with black and white visuals to supercharge your dark aesthetic.
Download the Black Story Template Pack

What are the Best Instagram Design Apps and Story Makers?

Sure, you can use Instagram’s mobile app options for your Instagram Story design – but the in-app tools are limited.

Whether you use Canva Instagram Stories or search for third-party apps or premade templates in Creative Market, you’ll notice lots of Story design tools exist. However, they can be difficult to edit or carry sneaky hidden costs. Besides, who wants to feel squeezed to upgrade for every premium template and photo? (Not us!).

Thankfully, Tailwind Create is a quick, easy, and reliable Instagram Story app. It has everything you need to create Instagram Story designs 4x faster than other design tools – no graphic design experience necessary! It's perfect for small business owners just getting started on social media!

The designs are perfectly tailored to your individual brand preferences, including color palettes. Plus, you can instantly mix-and-match design elements for unique Instagram Story templates you just won’t find elsewhere. It’s an Instagram Story maker that’ll take your Instagram game to the next level!